3.  I lost a follower in the last week or so.  I'm kind of flattered.

2.  My parents own a condo in south Provo that is now vacated and (hence) available for rent.  If you know anyone that is looking for a nice place, send 'em our way!  
It has three bedrooms, two full baths - about 1800 square feet on one level.  

(I have lots more pics for anyone who is interested.)

And, most importantly . . . .

1. I am pleased to introduce our new family website, months (almost a year?) in the making.  We decided a while back to put something together that could serve as a springboard for our abundant, varied ideas.  We're still working out kinks, but - we are really excited about it!
Come check it out and please, leave a comment!


Fig said...

I love losing followers. It makes me to imagine all kinds of raging scenes of UNFOLLOW! when the reality was probably pretty boring.

I'm still taking credit for "Edd". You can get married a million times, you'll still always be Rachel Edd to me.

Sarah Garcia said...

Rachel! I may be interested in your parents condo. Can I get more info? Thanks! ps...your little boy is so cute!