a word (or 196) about the people

Japanese people are so hardcore.

1. They wear masks. That was the very first thing I noticed in the train station ... at any given time, I bet one in ten is wearing a mask. I guess that's what you do when you live so close together and it's flu season? Or do they wear them all the time?
2. They apologize for not speaking English. Several members came up to me after church on Sunday, wanting to talk, but ashamed of their English-speaking skills. (Which are generally not that bad.) I was like, dude, I'm in YOUR country. Don't apologize!

3. Speaking of ... three alphabets? Whose idea was that? Kanji blows my mind by itself.

4. They wear shoes like this:
and this:
Granted, they don't wear them all the time. But still! Ouch!

5. The typical Japanese girl's outfit includes: heels (high boots or shoes and high socks), barely-there skirt/shorts, and a top. This means BARE LEGS from below the knee to upper-upper-upper thigh. I get frostbite just looking at those girls. Slice says "It's custom." I say "It's dumb."
(And it's really fashion.)

6. They sleep on the floor.
7. They eat with chopsticks. Raw fish, too.

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Fig said...

I love Asian girls. They can pull off the most, er, unique fashions. There are lots of them on campus here, and they always have many brightly-colored non-matching things on. And tons of Hello Kitty stuff. It's random.