I found out this morning that I lost the race. (Thanks for the email Dad.)

Thank you all for your support!
Better luck next time, I guess.
At least I'm here:

and there is always something to laugh about!

Tuesday morning we took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Asakusa, a part of Tokyo, about 2 1/2 hours away. The guy who sat next to us kept looking over, trying to read what I was writing in my journal, and sighing really loud. We could tell he wanted to talk to us - but Slice wouldn't say a thing. How rude.

There was a festival going on in Asakusa, that we almost ran right into. We got there as the first little procession went into the shrine.

There were booths and people everywhere!

We dropped our stuff at the hostel we were staying at, and spent the rest of the day walking around looking at people/things, eating food, and taking pictures.

There was a big parade down the main street that lasted for TWO HOURS. We froze, because it was windy and we were in the shade. But I did take several minutes' worth of video to show everyone later. It was awesome.

After the parade we walked around for a couple more hours, and we ran into the Branch President from one of Dorian's areas. What are the chances! He was with his wife and two little boys, and they took us to dinner. This is what we had:

I tried everything there except the seaweed, which I've had before, and I liked almost all of it. Hiding behind the shrimp there is a breaded, fried piece of pumpkin. Delicious.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, my chopstick skills are improving.

After dinner we walked back to the hostel and I took a looooong hot shower while Dorian watched a movie on his iPod. The wonders of technology.

The hostel was pretty cool; Sakura hotels are designed especially for foreign travelers and they are a great, cheap way to go. We slept on bunkbeds (BEDS!) in a 'dorm' with four other people and we were able to use the free Wifi, the TV and tables, as well the kitchen. So yesterday morning after a trip to the grocery store, we came back and made toast and sandwiches, and Dorian cooked us up some Gyozas for lunch. Then we headed out for the day.

Pretty much, we just walked around for several more hours, stopping to buy things here and there. Then we got back on the Shink and rode back to Morioka, where we will stay for a couple more days. Last night we went to a little 'Key Coffee' shop, which is run by a lady that Dorian just LOVES. After we went, I could see why! She was a riot. After she recognized Dorian she kept saying how beautiful I was and they made me sign their little guestbook, commenting on how beautiful my name was.

Anyway, the food there was fabulous. I had corn soup and toast, and a little salad. It was the first meal I've been able to finish in, like, months. Definitely the first in Japan.

P.S. So far D has picked up on four different people saying "big eyes!" either to me or to someone else when I walk by. Who knows how many times he hasn't heard it! They do all seem to think I'm pretty though, which is really nice.

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Tay said...

Well, you ARE pretty. But it is nice to know that everybody in Japan agrees with that sentiment.