a word about the food - video added

I'm not sure what I was expecting before I came to Japan.

Maybe something like what I experienced in Europe - food similar to what I am used to, prepared differently but at least recognizable; distant relatives of food I know and love. Plus a few totally weird things.

Oh how wrong I was.

As I said before, everything here is different. And not different in a "hmm, they eat rice for breakfast? and tofu in their soup?" way, either.

I don't recognize anything. When Slice tries to explain to me what it is or what's in it, I don't understand him. It is all strange roots and vegetables, overgrown fruits, spices I can't describe, weird fish cooked weird ways. Also octopus and eel.
And that is all.

I'm trying to be good and open-minded; to try things, not judge by their looks. And I have truly liked several of the things I have tried. But if you picked it up in my last post, you know that I have finished ONE Japanese meal so far. In a week. Not a great track record.

In Europe, whenever I saw McDonald's I would get a little pang in my heart. Do we have to be everywhere?! Homogenizing the world with our cheap fake burgers and fries?? Those blasted golden arches, I thought.

Now all I can say is - what's the problem with that anyway? People like it, obviously. And if I see those golden arches and I know there's a clean free bathroom with soap inside, and food that I can eat without first asking what it is, what is the problem with that?

God bless the U.S.A.
And McDonald's cinnamon melts.


B said...

I am so FREAKING Jealous!!!

Fig said...

Plus I've heard McD's is actually better in other countries. Like the ones in France are supposed to be gourmet. Ish.

Eddington's said...

Rachel, you are quite the funny world traveler. I too was very excited to get a burger from McDonalds. I happened just once, and only once in two years...and yes, as Fig said, it was indeed WAY better than here.