The Thanksgiving dilemma

One "benefit" of being married to the golf course is that Slice works whenever people want to play golf. Including Thanksgiving Day.

Curse those people!

We've been praying for a big snowstorm so we could join at least one of our families for a Thanksgiving meal; they will all be on the Wasatch Front.

Whoever is praying for good weather must be more righteous than we are...
The snow is not coming.


Fig said...

I know a family who'd let you crash their Thanksgiving, and they are handily located about a block from Slice's office. :-)

Too bad the Gilbs will be in SLC, they'd be great for crashing too.

The Farrers said...

I'm going to start FERVENTLY praying for snow if it means that you'll be on the wasatch front! In fact, I'll pray that a storm hits so hard that you can't make it back home, so that you'll be forced to spend the night in SPRINGVILLE!! :)

amy morgan said...

Wish you could've come to Thanksgiving with us . . . would've loved to hear about the trip! I'm guessing you would've been with your family, though, so until we meet again ;) Glad you made it back safe and sound. Don't you just LOVE your bed even more now?!