Lucky's First Birthday

Dear Alexis,

I've been saying "Third time's the charm!" for a year now.  YOU are the charm.  You came to us with your curly hair and your daddy's dimple and the mildest disposition. You charm us all with your sweet, happy spirit. We are so lucky to have you in our family.

Somehow you're jolly and snuggly and fearless at the same time.  You never care about getting hurt.  You'll climb all over things, fall and smack your head, cry for a second and try it again. Rinse, repeat. That's why you walked early. It drives me totally crazy.

Your brother and sister LOVE you, and you want to be like them so badly.  You chase them up and down the hall (and stairs!), reach into their bathtub, grab their toys, and give them multiple kisses before going to bed.  They laugh and kiss you back, tickling to hear you giggle and begging for more hugs.  Your favorite thing in the world is eating.  And it shows.

We didn't have the easiest start, you know.  For the first months of your life I was stressed beyond anything I'd experienced before.  My milk wasn't fatty enough, you didn't gain weight, and you didn't (couldn't?) take naps in our tiny house with two noisy toddlers.  We were trying to move.  I fixed and painted and cleaned and nursed and stressed and cried, feeling all alone with your dad gone as much as he was.  It was HARD.  And I was so grateful for the help I got from my parents, siblings and friends, without whom I surely would have landed in a mental hospital.

Things got better!  You took bottles and slept better, we sold the house and Daddy finished his fire training.  You got your own room.  We spread out in our new house and it made a huge difference.  We are in a good place as a family.  We've been so blessed.

When I look back at the last year, I can see the wonder of God's timing.  He knew when to send you to us, so all the other things we didn't know we needed could work themselves out.  I'm grateful for you and the sheer joy that you bring to my life every single day. I hope you keep your curiosity and love for life always. I adore you.

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