Two days after the car accident, my sister and her husband came back to Roosevelt.  Sunday evening our favorite Dr. offered to do an ultrasound, just to make sure everything was okay with Ki's 17-week pregnancy.
It wasn't.

The ultrasound showed no heartbeat, and after some other tests, they decided to admit her into labor & delivery the next day.  Ang and I stayed up late trying to put together a baby quilt like my mom has made for all of her grandbabies.  It wasn't perfect, but it was something to take to the hospital.

She delivered a broken baby boy, and they buried him in the local cemetery.

We all kind of sat around for a week, visiting and grieving and being with each other.  Brent & Megan came from Missouri (to attend another funeral, actually).  We talked about the most important things.  We remembered that the most important thing is being together.

Eventually, Ki and Sheldon still had to go home, to heal and get back to their "normal" lives.  The new normal.

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amy morgan said...

:( so heartbreaking.