This is the longest I've been pregnant.

Still no sign of baby and although I know gestation dates are (very!) approximate, it still feels a little surreal actually waiting for and anticipating the birthing process.  My first two both came before I expected, so this is a new feeling.
Baby's turned sideways so my belly is lopsided.  Also, Crocs.  Can't fit into anything else.
Let's talk about something else......

Wanna hear a debt-free scream?  If you've ever listened to Dave Ramsey's radio show you know what I'm talking about.  1...2...3.... WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!
(Aside from the mortgage, which doesn't count, I guess.)
We didn't have that much debt to begin with, but Slice built up a nice little retirement account at his last job and we decided to cash it out and start clean.  Now the hardest part of all: deciding how long to stay in this house. The market in the Basin is good right now, meaning we could make a chunk of money on our house, but we would also pay more to move into something bigger/newer.
Or, do we stay a while and do a few major projects in the meantime? My list - which is different from Slice's - goes something like this:

  • carpet
  • fix and paint downstairs walls
  • paint the exterior
  • get new windows (SO EXPENSIVE)
  • redo upstairs bathroom
  • fix garage roof
  • fix the driveway somehow
  • do something with the mostly-abandoned back lot
and we'll stop there.  I think every homeowner knows that The List only grows, never shrinks.

So what's up with you?

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Cade and Kelsie said...

I keep waiting for a baby arrival post! Darn. Hopefully sooner than later for your sake!