Nesting 3.0

Shoot, it's been another three weeks?  This pregnancy is going fast.  I'm down to two and a half weeks y'all.  Fingers crossed.

Once again my nesting has manifested itself in bursts of mild insanity.  I spent over three hours online looking for a valance for my kitchen window, only to decide that I could make one myself (with fabric that I already had!) in less than three hours.  Then I made it the next morning.  Just saved $50.

It was the opposite story for new bedding for my kids.  IKEA's darling duvet covers are cheaper than I could even find fabric, after several hours of searching online.  Aw shucks.

I finished a T-shirt quilt that I've been planning since high school (aka 2005) (aka BEFORE ANYONE HAD HEARD OF A T-SHIRT QUILT, I SWEAR.  I came up with the idea all on my own, it just took me 8 years to do it! Those were pre-Pinterest days!).  It is the worst sewing job you've ever seen, I guarantee. I don't care either.  This is why I shouldn't sew while I'm pregnant - my patience is nonexistent. I just want the job done...  I don't necessarily want to do it.

Terrible, terrible terrible sewing job.  But pretty good memories.
 Then I made a rag rug with the scraps of fabric from the t-shirt quilt.  It took forever but I actually love it.

Don't you love how I take only poor-quality cell phone photos for this blog?  I don't even have a good excuse.
Slice and I also re-carpeted the guest room downstairs, which makes it now the biggest AND nicest room in the house.

Other nesting things I've done this pregnancy: moved furniture and artwork around every few days, re-organized EVERY drawer and closet in the house, purged extra furniture and clothes and toys and junk, scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom, contemplated buying myself a new dresser.....
Sadly, I live with three Type 1s and my efforts are constantly undone.
One reason I haven't been blogging!


Danielle said...

You go, mama! I don't think nesting has ever hit me that hard, ha ha! Oh, the life of living with T1s.....you will always be going, going, going, going, going, going, going ;) Can't wait for your little one to get here!

Tay said...

I've got two type 1s and a type 3. Exhausting.