It's been two months since Slice switched from an 8/6 schedule to a normal 5-day workweek, which means we see him one less day every week.  At the same time, he started official firefighter training, consisting of two evening meetings a week plus several Saturdays over the next couple months.  Not to mention the regular fire calls and the week-long trip to Houston coming up ....

I, on the other hand, have absolved myself of all self-imposed weekly responsibilities (piano lessons, English class, etc.) and hunkered down for the duration.  Everyone knows that three kids is the most stressful.  I've braced myself for and embraced the coming craziness.  Just trying to keep my head above water here - any words of wisdom or treats are appreciated.

In other news, we sent my little sister off to South America a few weeks after welcoming Kiana home early for medical attention...

 They got to spend a little more time together before Em left!

In the meantime, Matt and Kim had a baby girl and I went to Utah Valley for a night to visit and take photos of her.  BY MYSELF.  Consequently I stayed up way too late partying with Lu.
(And by "partying" I mean "sitting on the couch talking about our pregnancies and looking at houses for sale."  Motherhood is exciting.)

We're still taking dance pics, gearing up for Prom and planning to buy a new camera!!  Check us out:

Student Council decorates for all the dance photos.  So cute.
As you can see I'm getting large.  The swelling has come to stay, the sleepless nights are getting reallllly old, and I am heavier than I've ever been in my life. This is the first time I've thought, "I wouldn't mind if this baby came early."  In fact, it would be nice.

Finally, Liam and MG have discovered the joy of cell phone photography.  After Liam snapped hundreds of pics the other day, I told him he could take ONE MORE before giving me back the phone.  He walked around for a minute before settling on this.  A mirror selfie.  HAHA!  
It must be 2014.

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