July crazy

It's been CRAZY up in here.
Slice has four new oil wells on his run, so he is working lots of overtime between early mornings, late evenings and night checks (in the middle of the night).
We're trying to stay cool -

- while helping to plan and host an Edd family reunion over the 4th of July weekend which included 80 people, parades, various sports, lots of fireworks (Slice helped set up and light them), and a last-minute team entry into the first Roosevelt Redmud Run (Slice ran, and Team Eddington won!).

Em takes pictures like this on all our phones and makes them the home screen photo.
It's only fair that I share the goodness.

Saturday night we made a quick trip to Salt Lake to see Man in the Moon, because Slice bought tickets months ago and I was really hoping to get into the Museum part. (No luck.) We got rained on, couldn't find ponchos in any store, ended up holding tarps and blankets and towels around us while scrambling to fix a babysitter problem.  20+ phone calls and no solution.  Ah, kids.

We also bought a car (2002 Explorer) and have been LOVING IT, not least because we were able to pay cash.  Now the big dilemma - sell the other car or not?  It's worth at least $8,000 right now which sounds like no more debt, new photo equipment, and an anniversary vacation to me.  But the Explorer could die any minute because it has 175k miles on it.  So, blech.

Other things we've been doing include: yard sale (I always forget how much work that is), potty training (also a lot of work), weekly playdates, and celebrating Tacen's birthday with a balloon send-off.  

Liam let go of his balloon seconds after this was taken ...
then MG refused to cooperate the rest of the afternoon.
I'm sure Tacen liked watching it all. 

 Whew.  I'm ready for another nap.


Emily Eddington said...

Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile...

Linnea said...

I love seeing a picture of you on your blog!! :)

Cade and Kelsie said...

Sounds like you guys are staying very busy. Thanks for taking the time to celebrate Tacen's day with us! Love ya!