I'm just waiting for MG to fall asleep before I go crash on my own bed because I got like four hours of sleep last night.  The beauty of my babies' schedule is that they usually nap from 1-3 p.m. AT THE SAME TIME, which also means that every day at 1:00 I have the decision to make: sleep or clean? Or watch The Office on Netflix? Unfortunately, the answer is usually Netflix.

It's business as usual in these parts.  Slice is on the fourth day of his eight-day workweek; last week he had an incident at work which burned his left hand and forearm pretty severely.  Several hours later he made it home, at which time I had to remain overly calm to compensate for his excessive freaking out.  I found this website and convinced Slice to try the aluminum foil.  Yo, it worked.  I love the internet.

Speaking of the workweek, sometimes I have people (women) ask me if it drives me crazy to have Slice home for six days at a time.  They say that having husbands home just ruins their "routine," and they couldn't handle more than a few days of it in a row.
I can see where they're coming from.  Slice was unemployed for eight months last year, and we definitely drove each other crazy at times (although I'm certain that was partly because of other stress factors).  It gets even harder with kids, who get used to things really quickly.  But I love having him home, and six days always goes by too fast.  We still joke all the time about how Slice should be the one staying at home with the kids while I go to work.
(Alas, money.)

Last weekend I took MG and spent the night in Utah Valley.  I visited Lu and Shawna and Jennie and their babes, I missed Jane and her babe.  I got thinking about my favorite people (again) and how much I loved and learned in my three years of college.
There's something different about college friends.  They like you for being you.  Not because of your toys or parents or Primary class, not because of your house or husband or kids or boat.  College is a difficult, transitory time, and everyone is figuring out who they are - at the expense of others, sometimes.  Jennie and I talked about wishing we could go back and do things differently with certain people.  I feel that way about some of my high school friends.

Anyway, we all grow up and go different ways, and Facebook stalk each other now, I guess.  Life lessons learned.  People loved and lost.  Compassion gained.

Also, bad photos taken.

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Miriam said...

aluminum foil? I've never heard that (I had to jump over to that web site and read it for myself.) I hope i can remember that little tid bit next time a burn happens! Thanks for sharing!