API (from Liam's point of view)

API was this weekend, which means I spent over 30 hours doing team pictures in two days.  My sister Em stayed with me while Slice stayed home with the kids.  When he brought them up to visit, Liam charmed everyone with his enthusiasm ("GOLF CARTS, MOM!  WHITE GOLF CART!") and his chatter ("Hi guys! Wanna see your pictures?").  These are only a few of the 100 pics he snapped on our little Kodak in the space of two hours.  Except that last one, of course, which Slice took.

This is the life.


key-a-nae said...

Love this. :) I wish I was there!

Kylie said...

seriously so fun :) man i miss you guys.

Jean said...

We miss you too Ky. And Kiana. :)