Turns out, my stomach's not made of steel

Last week at my doctor's appointment the nurse gave me some samples of prenatals.
"Some women get nauseated from certain vitamins, so try these out and let us know which ones you like best.  Then we'll get you a prescription."
"Oh, I don't think I'll have a problem with any of them," I told her. "But I'll let you know, thanks."

If I can make a trip to Japan in my first trimester without ever getting sick, I don't think a vitamin is going to give me trouble.

So.  I took the first pack and all was well.   Yesterday we grabbed a quick snack between church meetings (third week in a row at a special event in 11th ward!), and I took the first pill of the new pack before heading to our ward for Primary.  About 10 minutes later I bolted to the bathroom.

A new first!  Is this how morning sickness works?
I didn't feel sick before, I didn't really feel sick after - it was a quick ordeal and I was hungry by the time we got home.  That's nowhere near the 3-9 month nightmare I've been conjuring up in my head.  It's the awful, awful pains of the stomach flu that I don't think I could handle for any length of time.

Knock on wood.

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