I started five new students last week.  This brings my current total to eleven.

There aren't enough piano teachers in the Basin, did you know?  And there are hardly any voice teachers.  My mother and I get phone calls almost weekly from mothers looking to start their children.  Crazy.
(I've even heard from a few sources that they made more teaching from their homes than by working full-time jobs.)

Someday I would love to have a music studio in my house, complete with mirrors and a grand piano ... but for now, my mother's setup is working quite nicely.

My piano skills are rusty though, since I went from practicing an hour a day (high school) to an hour a month (college).  The years of choir and school took their toll on my piano abilities; since I started teaching I've been trying to coax them back, little by little.

At first Liam would cry and tug on me the second I sat down.  Now he usually plays in the room for as long as I want to practice.  This is called conditioning.

Anyway.  I am starting to really enjoy teaching, and I think I'm getting better at it.  Voice lessons are a bajillion times harder than piano because there is no set curriculum, no books that we can go through, skill by skill.  The mastery of vocal technique is so complicated that I don't profess to have mastered it - or even come close, really.

But I share what I can, because few people around here are willing and/or able - and hey, the money's a bonus.


Fig said...

Weird, this post never showed up in my Reader.

Two things.

A) Please don't move away, I need you to teach my Viv to play the piano.

B) When I play, she plays. Will doesn't bang on the keys when you practice? LUCKY.

Jean said...

Fig- The prospects are not looking good. For moving away, that is. Chances are I will be around to teach your grandchildren piano.
(If they live here!)

Will bangs on the keys for a minute, but then he gets bored and leaves. Boys.