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Things I Expected over the Last Ten Months but Never Actually Experienced.*

Morning Sickness. Sure, Japan wasn't the easiest on my stomach and when people ask me now what food I liked over there, I can't think of anything, but still. One small bout of the stomach flu is hardly something to complain about.

Pregnancy cravings. I swear I never had one. Sometimes I wanted a Jamba Juice or some salsa (mainly while we couldn't get any), quite often I wanted ice cream, but that's normal. I never HAD to have anything.

Early Delivery. So I got pretty scared when I started having frequent contractions early in my pregnancy. We now know that my contractions didn't/don't do anything to my cervix (HA!) so ... next time around I'm not going to worry about them and just live my life like normal. Liam came but two days before his "due date" - no problem here.

Water breaking during school, or some other public place. Made it through the school year, yay, and thank heavens I was home in bed.

Water not breaking until induced labor. I did not want to be two weeks overdue and induced.

Difficulty Nursing. Liam is a born nurser. Har har. Aside from the pain, the great pain, nursing has been quite a breeze for us. I hear horror stories like my cousin who starved her baby for couple months without realizing it. Well, Liam is definitely not starving because of me. Plus I just bought five new shirts that I can actually nurse in! Hooray!

Doing it Myself. This should never have been a fear of mine, because if you know Slice you know he'll likely be doing more than his share of the parenting, but nevertheless it was. Really I was worried Slice would be as busy this summer as he was last. He's not. (But that's a story for another day!)
Slice had almost an entire week off work from the day I had the baby. BEST THING EVER. While the baby and I slept, he washed dishes, did laundry and grocery shopped. Bless that man.

Sleepless nights. I was mentally preparing myself for these for months. Seriously. Now Liam is sleeping five hours at a stretch (not that anyone's counting BUT, three times he's slept longer than that) so I typically get up with him twice a night. And only for about half an hour at a time.

Relentless crying. I know this can still change, but he still only cries if he needs something. I just have to figure it out ... which sometimes takes longer than it should. Oops!
This quality alone makes me feel all right leaving him with my sisters for a bit, because I don't worry about endless crying. Find problem - fix it - crying stopped. Wonderful.

Postpartum Hormones. Don't know why but I was sort of expecting some depression, breakdowns, the like. And ....Nothing.
I've cried in church twice, during musical numbers. I also get feeling cooped up occasionally with only one car and Slice gone. But I don't think that's hormones.

*I said I was prepared. For the worst, apparently.

P.S. These pictures have nothing (and everything) to do with this post.
{contemplating ninja moves in his Japanese onesie}

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Olivia Singleton said...

Congratulations on the baby! He's beautiful!