Summer of Love

How many people do you know who got married last weekend?  If it's more than seven, you got me beat.  If not, well....

The only wedding that I attended was that of my good friend from high school.  If you have ever wondered how your really amazing brother will find a girl that is amazing enough for him, you know how I've (pretty much always) felt about Jer.  It's a special honor.

He found the girl, and I'm sure she is deserving of his affection, and I was really pleased to be present for the ceremony.  Pleased enough that I didn't snap a single picture of the occasion.  Slice was unable to come (work) but my parents and younger siblings (who were already in Salt Lake) took the offspring and gave them a jolly good time at Liberty Park.

He's still talking about that Batman car.

Meanwhile, I was gallivanting around downtown, feeling like a real person - not just a mom but a REAL PERSON! - for a few joyful hours.  Thinking about my own wedding day in the Salt Lake temple over five years ago.  Still waiting to see who the rest of the Brotherhood decide to wed...

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