more side jobs

Here's something awesome about living in a small town - you never know what you might get asked to do.  Set up and maintain a city website? Teach a small group of homeschooled 8th graders? Volunteer on the Housing Authority Board?  Buy the equipment for and take high school dance pictures?

We finally got the studio stuff last week (great, more debt), and Slice immediately set some of it up in our front room and started snapping photos.  I have freaking adorable children, even with messy hair and clothes and more attitude than I know what to do with. I should stop looking at these pictures and start looking at the growing pile of laundry behind me.  But come on! That face!  

Slice is back to work, and working more than ever.  Last hitch on he worked for 10 days in a row. We need a cheap but faraway (and long and child-free) vacation.  Preferably before December.  Any ideas that don't include Disneyland? Anyone??

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