We need new sprinklers.

Our existing system is messed up (as in, previous owners must have paid their teenage nephew to put in the cheapest system possible)  (drip systems all over the place!), and it would be more work to fix it than to put in a whole new one.
But the two quotes we got from local businesses came back around $6000.

I spent a day taking measurements and drawing up a map of our yard, so we can put new sprinklers in ourselves.  Fun fact of the day: Our house is only 26 feet by 35 feet!  How about that!  Just in case you were starting to get jealous.

We sent in the map to get a sprinkler plan.  Then we started thinking about the massive trees that are taking up space in our yard.  The ones that have been mangled by bad tree-trimming and 50 years of who-knows-what.  The ones that drop hundreds of small sticks a week onto the lawn, and millions of samaras a year onto the neighbors' lawns.  The ones that hardly put out any leaves anymore.

And if the trees are coming out, they should probably come out before the sprinklers go in, so we called for a tree removal quote.  It came back around $3000.

..... Anyone want to start a landscaping business?  I feel like there's money to be made.


The Wintertons said...

Have your hubby talk to Deric. He has removed alot of trees and may be able to help out!

Michelle Glauser said...

$3000? Oh my goodness. I once kind of aspired to be a discount landscaper:


Miriam said...

We're dealing with that whole landscaping/sprinklers issue now as well. Did you say you sent something in somewhere for a design? What, where, how??? Our estimate (local...I'm sure you know who) is $8,000 for just the front yard, sprinklers and landscaping. I think that's nuts. Surely there has to be someone or some way to do this cheaper. We may joke that Roosevelt is almost at the end of the world, but are we really?

Jean said...

Miriam, yes! If you take a diagram of your lawn to Sprinklerworld (they actually have special graph paper to give you) they will design a system for $100. It's free if you buy the sprinkler parts from them.
(They're out on Highway 40.)

I hear that other places do that too, I wonder if Lowe's does?