Two years ago, I married this guy.

He doesn't know that I found these self-portraits on a memory card from months ago, fell in love with them, and was just waiting to post a couple. Here's another look at the man of the house. (For the first one, see here.)


>remembers everything I say and repeats it back to me (that is the woman's job, no?), and
>makes me laugh just when I am determined to be angry with him.
So annoying.

>Is obsessed with wax. Especially candle wax.
>Still obsessed with Youtube.
>And his iPod Touch.

>Has two things on his playlist: Phantom of the Opera and Glee.

>Says things like
"What if our kid comes out Asian??"
then tells me not to repeat them to anyone.
(Yeah right.)

>LOVES Lawry's Season Salt. It's a family thing.

>Loves his baby.

(And while we're on the subject, I hoped the baby would inherit his:
>cooking skills
>excellent taste in women.
Time will tell.)

Happy Anniversary/ Father's Day love!

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