The grass really IS greener on this side

This mama is one happy girl.

Firstly, my baby is an angel. He sleeps 3-4 hours at a stretch, which means if I feed him and put him down around 11:00 at night, he usually wakes up only once before 7:00. Once!
So far, he only fusses when he needs something: food, diaper change, burping, sleep. He loves his carseat and will sleep in it even if he's hungry, as long as the car is moving. AND he makes funny faces when he falls asleep (or wakes up) - providing us with endless entertainment.

Yes, we know we're spoiled, and no, you can't have him.

Secondly, I have my body (mostly) back! I can walk! and wear my own shoes! and clip my toenails! and sleep! and breathe! now. It is a wonderful thing. I admit, I miss the kicking every once in a while. But not the bathroom trips.

Thirdly, Slice got this camera for a great deal and it is awesome. We play with it pretty much every day. And .... now you know why we've started taking more videos than pictures, and all the pictures of Liam are terrible quality.
Not to worry, this will be remedied.


amy morgan said...

oh, good grief he's cute!!!

Fig said...

Ah yes. I remember those days of sleepy baby. I sincerely hope that they last longer for you than they did for me. :-) And really, he's just delicious.

The Farrers said...