Friends & Family

Over the weekend, Slice and I finally met up with Lu and Dustin over some pizza. It was so fun to catch up (and talk about Asia, of course). Don't you love those friends you can see after months or years and it's like you were never apart?
Friday and Saturday we attended funeral services for my Dad's younger brother, who was killed in an electrical/gas accident in his kitchen almost two weeks ago. His daughter (my cousin) is my age and had a baby the day before I did, his first grandchild. A darling little boy.
The services were sad but nice and quite well-attended, a great tribute to my sweet Uncle. I learned just last night that JetBlue paid for the entire funeral and burial, as well as roundtrip flights for my Aunt's siblings to come from England and Germany (my Aunt is originally from England, also a 10-year JetBlue employee). How awesome is that? Makes me want to fly JetBlue from now on.

Saturday we stopped to see Slice's Grandma in SLC and show off our child. He is certainly blessed with a lot of people who love him.
(So are we.)

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Bonnie said...

Dustin carrying the purse is a nice touch in that photo. And I'm impressed that you two are out and about with your newborn. Way to go!

Hope motherhood is treating you well.