Lex is 2

Dear Lex,

Today is your 3rd and last birthday as my baby.  You, my dear, are my sunshine.  You somehow delight me more every day.  I used to wonder if parents grew immune to the charms of their cutest children ... now I know they don't.

You're growing into such a bright, happy, darling girl.  Everyone loves your gorgeous curls! You are expressive and intelligent - at two years old, you already know more than half the letters in the alphabet. (?!?! I did not teach you those!)

You are such a loving little sister. You're quick to give a hug and an "I'm sorry" if Will or Emma is ever upset. You'll even grab your own blankie to wrap around them to make them feel better. You giggle at everything they think is funny, even if it's a story about the puppy at the park or an old episode of Shaun the Sheep. You love to sing into fake microphones and you're just starting to dance a little, in your silly wiggly way.

You're obsessed with screens. The only thing that makes you really upset is getting a phone or laptop taken away from you. And then, boy, do we hear about it! Maybe you feel like you don't have control over much in your life, and devices give you that control. I don't know.

You've changed so much in the last little bit!  Once you started talking, your personality really shone through.  You've got loads of character! And we love every bit of it.

We all love you so much, Lex.  And your new baby brother will too!

Love, Mom

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Linnea said...

Wait...I don't think I knew you are expecting? Congratulations!!

This post is missing a picture of the darling curly top...