end of '15

Slice is gone to a fire, and all the kids are in bed (at 8:53) thanks to a feverish illness that has been hanging around here all week. I guess it's a good time to blog.
I've been thinking about the past year, what I've done, and what - if any - progress I've made.  Only came up with a few things. I guess that's better than none?

In 2015, I:

1. Started collecting art ... really collecting it. Growing up I never thought about having original art in my future home. It wasn't important to me. Now it is! And I'm grateful for a husband who not only humors me, but participates in the process. I discovered some new artists this year and gathered a few meaningful pieces, some after extensive searching. (Of course, my poor phone photos don't do them justice.)
my own Annie K. Blake painting! I love it.
2. Dreamed of starting a business. I am seriously racking my brains for career/life solutions that don't involve Slice working 14-hour days. Chalk it up to the many days I spent as a single parent this year. Still working on on it, guys.

3. Sang. This year I had the opportunity to do something for myself, and I took it. I sang in UBOC for two semesters and loved it. So many times in my BYU choir days I thought I'd never have a chance to sing in a good choir again. How glad I am that I was wrong!

4. Let go. Of a lot of things. I was trying to impress certain people, trying to do as much as I see so many people doing, and I. just. can't. I'm trying to accept that my health/energy level/kids will not allow me to do it all. I'm trying not to compare myself to them, and I AM at least getting better at it.

5. Failed at a LOT of things. Like giving my kids regular chores or even a regular schedule (except for naps, of course). Keeping on top of my callings, kids' school and extracurricular stuff. Organizing and printing family photos the way I'd like to. Maintaining a yard or even generally-clean house.  Posting regularly in a blog.  Not getting pregnant. 

6. Succeeded in figuring out what I really want in life. Not a bigger house or more clothes/toys/products/whatever! Not more things to take care of! But more carefully gathered things to love, and more deliberate moments with the PEOPLE I love.  I resolve to be more deliberate in 2016.


Lauran and Dustin said...

Just caught up on your blog. Would really benefit from a long chat with one of my favorite college besties. Miss you. And thanks for the homestretch blog writing this year--loved it. And love you :)

Linnea said...

#4 is my goal for this year. I just want to be myself and not be worried about what the social media world/photography world/church world etc etc etc thinks of me.

Deliberate is a great word for 2016!