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I'm starting to feel like I need to begin every post with "I'm still here!" because I am still here, just not taking the time to post on my own blog.  I used to blog during naptime and I now I a) edit/upload photos b) clean house c) teach piano/English or prepare for cub scouts or d) sleep.  I'm pretty tired these days.  All the time.
(I used to sleep at night but now I .... see above)

Photo business is good, partly because of the time of year, I'm sure. For the first time I'm trying to catch up with my sessions.  We made two Salt Lake trips last week, one for wedding photos and one for the BEST DAY EVER where my dad was confirmed in the state senate to be an 8th district judge, and all my siblings except the missionary were there.  Jordan flew in for the day, Brent & Megan came for a few weeks, Matt & Heather drove from Idaho to see it.  We ate brunch at my Grandma Woodruff's, spent a couple hours at the capitol, ate dinner at the Red Iguana and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.  We just don't get to see the cross-country family often enough.

and then Jordan missed his flight back home....darn late Senate

This Friday we spent the afternoon with some old family friends and their horses.  I got brave and rode for a while, even with this rapidly-expanding belly.  Good times.

We still haven't decided where to go on our big vacation in 2.5 weeks.  Ha!  The important thing is, Slice will have 9-11 days off AND he's getting a 5% bonus with his next paycheck. Thank you Newfield! Sometimes I love the oilfield, you know?  Those times are usually when Slice checks the bank account.

Let's see ... that's about all that is going on here.  Between play dates, family time, photo shoots, work and everything else, we've been gone a lot the last few weeks.  I'm not expecting things to slow down in the next month - but after that would sure be nice!  And no sick kids, pleaseandthankyou.

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