big little success

Last Thursday we finally finished the bunk beds. (And by "we" I mean mostly Slice.)
This design is cool - it's two separate beds held together with an outside railing. So if we ever want to use the beds separately, we can take it apart easily.  Sweet versatility.

It was a risky venture putting the children in it, because we took MG out of the crib and took away her bink AT THE SAME TIME.  Miraculously, and I do mean miraculously, she was happy enough with her new bed and pillow to go to sleep.  She slept all night.
We've had a few rougher nights and naps since then, but still, the cold turkey method worked for us.

The rest of last weekend was a whirlwind - Slice went to a 2-day paintballing camp. He got home, I went to the Relief Society dinner and part of the broadcast. I left early, we went to the high school and took Homecoming pictures until 11:30 p.m. On Sunday, my other nursery leaders didn't show up (but 14 toddlers did). Monday we worked all day and attempted family pictures in the evening.  It was sort of a disaster.  My children were very obstinate and the wind didn't help.  Oh well!  We got an updated-for-now family photo!
my fave, despite/because of Slice's goofy half-smile
Yesterday I moved my gallery wall in the front room.  It's been bugging me since I moved the piano a few months ago, and finally I bit the bullet.  Spackled/repainted the wall and shifted my artwork around, and now all I need in that room is a tall skinny bookshelf to fit by the piano.  Like, hmmm, this?  $119 on Amazon?

Well, that and some new carpet .......

Today Slice is back at work and I am putting away the seven loads of laundry I also did over the weekend.   I have 7 photo shoots coming up, which is exciting, and an ANNIVERSARY TRIP IN NOVEMBER to look forward to!  Guys! I'm going on a trip!  


Cade and Kelsie said...

Where are you going? Fun!

Emily Eddington said...

Maybe you can post about your trip on your blog...

The Wintertons said...

Tell your hubby to get with my hubby and build you that bookshelf! Seriously, a way nicer and cheaper one than amazon :) Then we can have playdates while they work on it!