We've been

On the phone too much, apparently.  Had to document this because I can count on one hand the number of times this boy has fallen asleep somewhere OTHER than his bed or carseat.

Teaching the photography belt loop to my cub scouts for the third time, which means I've been in scouts too long already.  New calling please?
(These boys are just too much fun.)

Reading.  You guys, all MG wants to do is read books.  All. Day. Long.   If I sit down for a second she finds a book and brings it to me, and how can I say no?!
This makes me crazy and crazy proud at the same time.  If she takes after her mother, she'll be reading these herself in less than three years.
(One can only hope.)

I've also been reading great stuff online that has made me think.  Some of it I shared on Facebook, all of it is good:

One of the most beautiful essays I've read in a long time about motherhood and self-image in a modern world. (Other good things on the website.)
Family Stories that Bind Us.  Naturally, I love everything about this.
My friend Kelsie's great post about perspective.
The growing stay-at-home-mom trend.
Holidays are getting crazy.
Giving up new clothes for a year, which is something I would LOVE to do if I could quit changing sizes.  (See above post about motherhood and self-image.....)

Pinterest, You Are Drunk.  Occasionally inappropriate but a good laugh, especially if you're like me and wonder who does those crazy things, and why does everyone else like it??  We all need a reality check every once in a while.

Watching.  I stopped for a while because I was SO MAD about Rose Tyler being stuck in a parallel universe, but I'm trying to like Martha.  I really am.


Kendra said...

I was thoroughly upset by the Rose story line but stick with it and um... Dare I say it... There's a companion I like just as much if not more than Roae...

Bonnie said...

Martha is not my favorite. But keep going. The next companion is great. The show is great, no matter how they keep changing things up.

Rio said...

So, the title of my last post has the exact same title as this one of yours. Haha! Sorry!! I posted mine then I did a little blog-browsing and noticed yours. Eh, oh well :)

Linnea said...

I'm glad MG is such a reader! I hope my kids are too, I was such a reader as a kid (and still am today.)

You have been in scouts way too long. Jump ship!