Pins I did

I hear that Pinterest is the new great time-waster.
Not for me!

Rather than pinning every little thing I like (thereby creating a lovely but useless "inspiration board"), I only pin things that I PLAN TO DO/BUY/MAKE/USE --- SOON.  I also routinely go through and delete pins that I don't need anymore or have realized won't help me.
It's an enriching thing, really.

Chip clips from old hangers
Funny-smelling towel trick - it worked
Silverware silhouettes - mine look like this:
Golf theme birthday cake - but mine were delicious mint brownies, and I ran out of time, so the "rough" turned into the "green" and it ended up looking like this:

And, "Best-ever chocolate chip cookies." I've made them three times, but mine end up looking like this every time:

Any pins that you recommend?

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Lauran and Dustin said...

I loved the best ever choc-chip cookies I got from your website - it's nice to have a secret ingredient that actually makes yummy cookies :)