the life

Well well. Time flies when you're alternately crazy busy and crazy tired.
This week we had a photo shoot, a Park City shopping trip, two days of baby-sitting, and an electrical problem thrown into the normal schedule.

MG is still not sleeping well (waking up 2-3x a night) which makes me much less of a person than I would like.   After months of stewing about all the things I'm not getting done, I finally decided to give myself a guilt-free card.  It says "Don't feel guilty for the things you're not getting done until you are sleeping at night."
(You can have one of those cards too.)
Anyway, if you saw the current state of my house you would know what I mean.

Tuesday we took newborn pics of a sweet baby girl in our ward, and I couldn't believe how easy she was to work with.  Dude.  She put up with all the moving and uncomfortable positioning and binkie-snatching without even making a fuss. Liam & MG, did you hear that??

Speaking of photos, if you were watching the photoblog at all you may have noticed that it crashed and burned.  Yep - Slice accidentally deleted the ENTIRE WEB ALBUM that fueled the site, and I don't have the heart to go back and upload every single picture again.  Looking for other options now...

My baby turned three months old this week, which means I should probably put her in Liam's room, but I just can't do it.  I'm terrified.  The boy started opening his door and WHO KNOWS what will happen if they are in that room together?  Not sleep, that's what.
Any suggestions?

We've also been discussing big things for a few weeks, like Slice's golf goals and our Arizona trip and my piano lessons and maybe buying another house.

Did I mention our Arizona trip?
It's this week.  And it's going to be the best one ever.  Even though we're driving.


amy morgan said...

I'm glad I read this whole post BEFORE commenting, because my comment would have looked like this had I not:
"Ummmm - EG has changed A LOT. Like, A WHOLE LOT!!"
But, it's all clear now ;)
I truly hope you get sleep soon, for sleepless is the WORST "ess" there is.

Jean said...

HA! That would be quite a transformation, eh?
And yes - after much thought, the only worse things I could think of would be homeless and jobless. And, well, between the sleep and the job .... toss up. :)