And on the fifth day....

the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (and hopefully, the headaches) ceased.  The job hunt commenced.

We've sent resumes out to 15 different places so far, from Arizona to Texas to Virginia to China.  I'm an adventurous kind of girl, so I'm getting excited about the prospects of the various places.
(But not too excited, you know, because we all know what happens when I get too excited about anything.)


We should hear back and start interviewing within the next few weeks.
Now if I can just find a cause/cure for the dizzy spells, weight loss and INSANE amount of hair loss I am currently experiencing, we'll be good to go.
After I vacuum and lint-roll my entire household, that is.

1 comment:

Fig said...

A pixie cut is a great cure for hair loss.

I hope you get to go somewhere awesome, if that's what turns out to be right for your family.