And now it's time for us to host a Luau. Or something.

Slice is really picky about his rice.

I mean, really picky.

I learned early on in our relationship that you ALWAYS wash rice before you cook it, and also, that not all rice is created equal.

(If you ever say "rice is rice" in his company, he may not correct you, but he will give you a Look.  Because in Japan, rice is not rice.  There are different varieties in different areas, and some are better than others, and sticky rice is the only edible kind.)

SO.  For two years now, we've been on the hunt for a good rice cooker.  I've learned how to cook it pretty well by myself, even on an electric stove, but it's tricky and messy and sometimes time-consuming.
The special rice cookers that Slice is partial to have all kinds of options - but are generally in the $100+ range.  Ahem.  Hence, the rice cooker purchase has been on the back burner (so to speak) for quite a while.

Last weekend Slice worked in Vernal for a few days.  He came home from Wal-Mart with "a housewarming gift," he called it; I got nervous.  But then he pulled out one of these and, turns out, it cost only $39.

Last night was the trial run.  Hawaiian haystacks were on the dinner menu (well that's a lie, we never ever have a dinner menu), and Slice returned from the grocery store all in a dither.  He opened the lid: WONDER OF WONDERS.
Beautiful rice!  Cooked to the perfect sticky-ness!
I am not joking, he did a big victory dance right here in the kitchen.

This rice cooker is changing our lives.


Miriam said...

Speaking of luaus - missed you at the one last night :)

Tyson and Dani Todd said...

Lol. Yes, Tyson and I would have to agree. Anyone who has served an Asian mission or lived in Asia for more than 1 year knows rice is not just rice =0) Rice cookers are MIRACLES!!!

I just had to get used to using the actual measurement markers on the inside of the cooker- -I was too used to using my hand/palm to measure the water:rice ratio.


Michemily said...

That's funny, because we don't even really like rice over at my house. It's like salad--it only tastes good if you douse it with other stuff.

Jean said...

Michemily - I totally know what you mean! I didn't even like rice until I got married, and then I only tolerated it, with lots of toppings. But when we went to Japan and nothing else was recognizable.... I began to love it. (It was the only thing I could stomach.)

Miriam - we weren't even invited. Rude huh.

Shober said...

We have the same rice cooker!!! It's amazing! And Nick is picky about his rice too.... I'm used to washing rice really good and filling it up with water until it covers my fingernails now!!!

Fig said...

I testify that rice cookers are true.

You can invite us for a luau. We'll bring the shoyu chicken.

Miriam said...

Well, my guess is that you didn't make a BIG DEAL of still getting invited to these things even though you've moved out of the neighborhood - like, mention it to everyone in the neighborhood every time you see them for several months :) That's what I did - try it !!!