We are still sick.  
I'm coughing just a bit, Slice is coughing a lot, and Liam can hardly breathe while he eats and sleeps.  (I hate it.)  At least we have health insurance now, wahoo!

He also started teething.

We closed on our house yesterday...
...but can't move in until Friday/Saturday.  I've been packing for weeks now, just a box here and there.  This method of packing is feeding my OCD tendencies to have everything packed in just the right size of box, just the right weight, in just the right order.  Yes, Slice has been mocking me for this, and no, I can't blame him too much.  It just makes me so happy.

That's it.

Love y'all.


Fig said...

Noooooo sick babies no.

Unpacking is the best ever, happy weekend to you!

Miriam said...

I can so relate :)