It's called the "too busy to eat" diet. Also because some of my kitchen stuff is packed.

File under: "Another blog about why I can't blog, and I KNOW you can't either but I'm still trying to figure out this mother thing and the house-buying thing is totally throwing my groove."

This week
Mortgage Loan App v. 3.2  (success: good, so far)
     a. verification
     b. earnings statement
     c. etc.
Insurance App v. 2.4
     a. certificate of creditable coverage
     b. fax
     c. etc.
Office hours for dad
     a. monthly billings  (success: slow)
Pack belongings
Help Mom paint house / watch kids for painters
Nurse sick baby
Care for sick husband
Try not to get sick, self  (success: none)
    a. take
    b. edit
    c. post
     a. setup
     b. take down cradle
     c. buy/wash/apply crib bedding
     d. transition (success: pending)
Golf Banquet
    a.  cash unexpected, totally awesome reimbursement + check!!
    a.  piano (success: good)
    b.  voice (success: great)
Messiah practice  (oops)
Internet: none
Et Cetera

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