(mostly) sweet distractions

I, Jean, having been practically internet-free for two weeks, nevertheless my house looking like an utter catastrophe hath occurred within it, because of the many diversions I have sought to distract me from the Mortgage Waiting Game, do make an account of the events which have transpired in my absence.

And it came to pass that two weeks ago our dear friends the Farrers traveled from Springville for a short visit. We ate coconut curry (sorry, Liam!) and wontons, went for a golf cart ride, played in Neola, and viewed The House in Question. We also played Blokus many times. (I love that game.)

Two days later we arose early, yea, even before 6:00 a.m., and began our journey to the Mt. Timpanogos temple. And it came to pass that as we drove between Duchesne and Strawberry, we were hit by a very very large elk, which was moving in our direction. We had no time to stop and survey the damage until we were waiting at a traffic light in Orem. And behold, the Lord hath blessed us abundantly, for although we thought the destruction to our vehicle would be great, to our astonishment, the only thing damaged was our right side-view mirror.
And thus we see that miracles happen even in these latter days.

We attended the sealing of Lu & Dustin while my dear Brit watched Liam, and it was truly lovely. Afterward we stayed around the temple grounds and took pictures until it was time to go to the luncheon.

(Why are these pics fuzzy in Blogger?)

Then Slice left, and I spent the rest of the day with Brit - reception and drive back to Roosevelt (in the dark)
(I was a bit more anxious than usual) -  we made it.



Ashley and Kevin said...

I totally read the first sentence in your last paragraph as, your husband leaving you to go off and play with Brit. It was rather entertaining until I reread and realized what you must have meant. Oh, the simple joys.

amy morgan said...

I, too, read the last sentence incorrectly the first time! And it came to pass that I was a little angry at Dorian for a time ;) Then, I reread it and realized that all was well in the land!
CUTE pictures of your sweet distraction! And, YEAH for miracles!

Jean said...

I should probably fix that sentence.... :)

Lauran and Dustin said...

I would LOVE to get these wedding photos from you - I think the snapshots you took are better than the photographer we hired - still disappointed we didn't have you do them all...