Because he's so dang cute

This is what Liam does when put in front of a mirror.
I hope he always loves himself this much!


Tay said...

I love him. And I love that age where they think there another baby in that thing and how can I get to it?! And then I love when they discover that it's their own self. Mirrors are the best investigative tool for little ones.

Eddington's said...

Missing that boy already...he needs to come visit St. Louis!

amy morgan said...

He really is SO DANG CUTE ;)

Fig said...

Viv is mirror-obsessed as well. All we have to do is ask "Do you want to see the baby?" and she knows where she's headed and gets excited.

And then we sing "You're so vain ..."

That Liam is delicious. We need to have a "playdate" with our babies. (I'm afraid this comment could get me on SSB!)

Heather said...

Does he always suck his thumb? I didn't know that! What a cutie! I cannot wait to see him in a month and a half!

Jean said...

Fig - we're probably all SSB-worthy at one time or another. Playdate, yes!

Heather - he actually never sucks his thumb! That's why the picture is so funny to me! And of course we can't wait to see you either.