Living in Limbo

For some reason, anytime I've taken a blogging hiatus I feel the need to explain myself (EMILY)  (KIANA), so, here's my explanation this time around: I've been in limbo.

Major limbo, like don't-know-what-the-next-month-holds limbo. Where-will-we-live. How-long-until-the-bank-account-hits-0. What-should-we-do-with-the-house. Which-possessions-do-we-sell-off-first. What-is-life-even-about limbo.

Sorry about all those hyphens, but I think you get the point?

And I've been through some stuff in my life, and now I know that the very worst thing in the world (for me) is NOT KNOWING. And not being able to plan anything because of the not knowing.

But this time, even after all these months and all these questions, I knew things were going to work out. I've felt almost like a spectator on the sidelines, waiting to see what happens in this game. I know we're going to win - so it hasn't even been a real nail-biter.  
Isn't that amazing???

Now, this is where we're at.
After a full year, countless applications, at least eight interviews, and many nights apart, Slice got himself two job offers in 24 hours. And we had to make a decision: stay or go? Stay in Roosevelt and keep this house, our cars, our side jobs, our security? Our entire lifestyle? Or go out on a limb?

We chose the limb.

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Linnea said...

I'm so excited to see where this new limb takes you! Sometimes the scariest thing is trying something totally new, sometimes the scariest thing is not trying it.

Also, never feel the need to justify your lack of presence on a blog. I never do. ;)