The Reactions

We've gotten a few predictable reactions from people who hear that Slice lost his job. Many express condolences, which is very kind, and many mention job opportunities that they know about.  I don't remember this happening last time - but it seems like people have come out of the woodwork with ideas of things that Slice could do, so we could stay in Roosevelt.

The other most common reaction is surprise.  Surprise that we aren't worried about our financial situation, that we don't want to grab the closest available job, that we're ready to move and try something new. Surprise that I am so happy to have Slice here all the time!

Our reactions to the layoff have evolved over the last several weeks.  First was the shock of being terminated and wondering why, if there was something else Slice could have done to keep his job. The accompanying relief - we don't have to deal with this anymore! And then the buyer's remorse for all the money we spent unnecessarily over the last year. ("If only we hadn't taken the trip to Disneyland! Good thing we didn't buy _________.") I know it's completely irrational and we had no idea what was coming, but I still had those feelings knowing we could have saved more, had we tried even a little.

I've also had this gathering/purging compulsion. I've gone through closets and toy bins, shelves and baskets and drawers, gathering everything that we don't use or need. I want to get rid of it all. I've gathered all our financial information and expenses, laying them out for easy reference, calculating them over and over. I've made to-do lists like my life depends on them. I've made MENUS for the first time ever. It's like nesting on steroids.

One thing I'm determined to avoid is the borderline-obsession with money that's easy to slip into.  I keep thinking of this scripture:

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