Bear Lake 2014, or, the first EVER Edd Reunion

My parents and siblings and I, we do this monthly meeting where we conference-call over Skype and catch up on everyone's lives, get a spiritual thought, and brainstorm all the things we will do one day with the futuristically massive Family Fund.
(Family Fund: each Edd family member voluntarily, when they are able, contributes 1% of income to an account that can then be loaned to family members on an as-needed basis. Has saved the bacon of several of us at one point or another. Can also pay for emergency things like plane flights and family vacays.)

This year during our meetings, we planned a reunion. The first one ever! And we booked a big house in Garden City by Bear Lake. We left Roosevelt on Monday morning, July 28th.  I had been roasting in my home for weeks, so I didn't even pack a jacket.

(See what I did there? Foreshadowing.)


My truffles melted in the truck on the way there, despite the cold drive.

Two days later, I had this conversation with Matt, who was stuck in Seattle for this lame Amazon internship.

We rescheduled the boat rental from Tuesday to Thursday, but braved the waverunners in the Wednesday rain.  We had a family lip sync that will now become tradition.  (Right guys? Right??)
We ate Bear Lake raspberry shakes every day.  We stayed up ALLLLLLLL NIGHHHHHHHT LONNNNNNNG with a crying Lucky baby.  We militarized the sleep zone upstairs, so the little ones would get some sleep.

And on Thursday ... the sun came out. For a little bit. Behold, it was fun.

Thursday night Slice and I went to Pickleville Playhouse, to watch the outrageously clever and delightfully funny Who Shot Juanito Bandito? on a rare date.
and ate a huge pickle!
We took silly selfies.

And silly not-selfies.

We played a round of "The Not-so Newlywed Game" after the kids were in bed, and laughed until we cried.

Friday, we packed up and left.  Not without grabbing two more shakes to compare.  (The consensus: LaBeaus really IS the best, even if you can only get one size.)

We drove to Ogden, and spent the night, and went to Wicked the next day with dear Bonnie and Adam, after a lunch at good ol' Siegfried's next door.

We survived.

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