I have approximately 30 seconds to update the ol' blog here, so this is going to be a stream of consciousness.  Sorrynotsorry.

I now know why three kids is the most stressful.  I'm living it!  Let's see:

  One newborn who is nursing a good portion of the day, but not napping
+ two toddlers making messes and fighting with each other
+ Dorian home maybe 10 hours a week 
+ trying to get this house ready to sell (we bought a sign the other day but haven't put it up yet...such a commitment!) 
+ selling/buying a car 
+ taking Prom pictures, editing and uploading and ordering them 
+ other photo shoots 
+ family gatherings, wedding planning, etc.
+ sleepless nights (like last night, when MG threw up all night, all over)
+ other commitments like Housing Authority Board and my English class

I think that sums it up.

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