Christmas on my phone

Christmas was especially fun this time around because the kids are starting to understand it.  We had elves and Santa visits and decorating and programs and lots of discussing the nativity, what Christmas is really about.  Despite my careful teaching, MG has her own ideas of who the nativity characters are, and she will correct you if you try to tell her otherwise.   That's my feisty girl.

Christmas Eve, on the other hand, was a real doosy.  We had a drain/flooding problem in our basement that Slice had to sort out earlier in the day.  Then our progressive dinner started at Angie's house, where Liam had an accident but demanded that we put his dirty underwear back on him.  Uh, no.  He screamed about his other choices - girly pullup or Thomas the Train underwear! - for long enough that we missed most of the program we were supposed to participate in at the neighborhood care center.

Dessert was at my mom's, where MG soaked through her diaper and clothes.  She danced around mostly naked during the nativity while Liam threw punches around the manger, saying "I'm Joseph HERO!  I have a HEADBAND!"  which I certainly did NOT teach him.  Good grief.

Christmas PJs were Batman and Batgirl.  I just couldn't resist.  It's probably the last time I can do coordinating pajamas, you know? Liam's never even seen Batman but he wouldn't take these off for two days. The capes are a huge hit.

 We got home Christmas Eve night and I got sick almost immediately.  I went to bed and let Slice play Santa, but didn't throw up until 6:00 Christmas morning.  Oh joy!  Then we stayed home all day (missed talking to Ki over Skype) just in case I was contagious.  I think it was something in the dessert.

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