Then Slice came home and we were all okay.

We are finally back among the living, as they say.
Time for a rambling, picture-filled post!

First, Lu, since you wanted to hear about the good parts of our AZ trip, here are the (only) photos I took on my phone while we were there:

And after we came back:

Poor kids.  They both slept a lot, for a week, which was nice.  But then they got better and I got worse (sinus infection), so it was pretty rough - even with Ki around helping a BUNCH - until Slice got off work and saved me from utter destruction.  

In other news, MG is finally growing.  We started giving her formula bottles once or twice a day.  I'm just not making enough milk, and I've known it all along, but she's had some "nipple confusion" (as they say) so I've been hesitant to give her a bottle EVER.
We're over it.
She loves bottles, and she's growing into 0-3 month clothes, now that she is four months old.  So that's good.

(Also, I get to watch Liam feed her and it melts my heart.)

In OTHER other news, the new house is a no-go.  Slice simply will not be convinced.  I can't blame him, really, it's just this whole "putting the kids in the same room" thing that I've been living in fear of for probably a year now.  Once that is done I will buckle down and fix up this old thing, for at least a little more time of living in it.

And I'm off.

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Lauran and Dustin said...

I love when you post! Liam is so cute feeding MG - and her hair seems to get darker in every picture. Glad to hear life is on the up-and-up for you again:)Still waiting for all that babying advice...Hope to see you in the next couple months!